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 Darling Otter Day Care, where we provide a nurturing and safe environment for your little ones to learn and grow. Our family child care program is designed with love and care to ensure that your child feels right at home while receiving the best possible care and education. We understand the importance of a supportive and enriching environment for young minds, and we are dedicated to making each child's experience with us joyful and memorable. We look forward to welcoming your family into our warm and caring environment at Darling Otter Day Care.

Our Philosophy

Explore the boundless curiosity and creativity of childhood at Darling Otter Day Care. Our focus is on fostering a nurturing environment where children can learn, play, and grow. We believe in encouraging children to think, reason, question, and experiment, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and discovery.

Diverse Kindergarten

Preschool Time 

Painting Class

At Darling Otter Day Care, we fully embrace the power of play-based learning to equip children for the thrilling journey towards Kindergarten. Our Preschool learning time is dedicated to honing essential skills like ABC's, 123's, colors, shapes, and immersive crafts that ignite creativity and inquisitiveness.

Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive support for children's developmental, cognitive, educational, and social growth. By cultivating a nurturing and dynamic setting, we aim to instill a passion for learning while readying each child for the adventures and triumphs of their educational voyage.

Our structured Preschool program is deeply rooted in Christian values, introducing foundational learning concepts in an engaging manner that captivates children's curiosity. Through vibrant songs and interactive games, we encourage exploration of social and emotional aspects of life and relationships.

Our enriching learning environment extends educational horizons with a diverse array of arts, crafts, blocks, manipulatives, puzzles, games, library resources, and dedicated family areas.

Exploring technology on various devices like computers, phones, and iPads, along with Scholastic magazines that bridge school concepts to home life, further enriches our educational approach.

Exploring Outdoors

Life Science

Outdoor Time

Life Science

Darling Otter Day Care is open from 6:30 am to 5:00pm.  We close at 5 sharp due to my children having after school sports.

We offer full time contracts and part time contracts, if space allows. We are closed every Friday during Summer, every other Friday during the school year, National Holidays, and my families vacations. Schedule is available in January for the year so you can plan accordingly. 

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